International Arctic Science Committe (IASC)

The International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) is a non-governmental organization and member of the International Science Council (ISC).
IASC seeks to stimulate and enable collaboration across the spectrum of Arctic research, in all countries engaged in Arctic research, and in all regions of the Arctic. IASC member organizations are national science organizations covering the broad field of Arctic research. Each national organization has its own procedures to ensure contact between the IASC Council member and its community of scientists. Building on this structure, IASC identifies scientific priorities and appoints members to its working groups.
An international scientific program planned or recommended by IASC should have a high priority in the area of Arctic or global research.

IASC was established in 1990 by the scientific organizations of the eight Arctic staates. Today, IASC has 23 member countries. The current president of IASC is Dr. Larry Hinzman.

The secretariat (Gerlis Fugmann) is located in Akureyri (Iceland).

IASC informs with its news news archive about current work and ongoing projects, as well as about future IASC events.

The organizational structure of IASC consists of: